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European State of Retail Supply Chain Whitepaper – 2017 Outlook

A deeper look into how retailers are tackling end-to-end supply chain challenges

This 18-page Whitepaper provides a quantitative look at the state of retail supply chain, and the biggest challenges and opportunities rocking the industry.

We surveyed ~250 retailers and their providers with the objective to understand where the market stands and how the industry is combating omnichannel challenges within retail supply chain.

Majority of the respondents work for £500mn+ companies and are based in Europe.

What is covered?

  • Retail and the consumer experience
  • Last-mile delivery
  • Technology and the consumer experience
  • Channel integration
  • Returns
  • Visibility
  • Marketing and sales coordination with the supply chain
  • Forecasting and investment priorities
  • The Brick and mortar store

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