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The Inside Scoop: Future of Omnichannel Supply Chain and How Leading Retailers are Building their Strategy
7 Exclusive Podcasts and a Whitepaper

To survive the disruptions, it is imperative you keep a close eye on the factors that are changing retail supply chains, the varied impacts and the innovators at the heart of the industry transformation.

We spoke with 7 retail supply chain executives to understand how they manage their inventory demand, distribution centers, suppliers, and 3PL partnerships. We asked them specific questions regarding their strategy and tactics, and how what their omnichannel supply chain roadmap looks like, and recorded podcasts for you.

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PLUS! We analysed the podcasts and put together the key take-aways in an industry Whitepaper

The Whitepaper is interspersed with industry statistics, survey results, as well direct view-points of the aforementioned executives. It focuses on 6 main themes as below:
  • Consumer-driven supply chain – ask, align and adapt to your customer, or lose the game to those who will
  • Cross-functional collaboration and change-management – coordinate business silos to centralize your omnichannel strategy
  • Creative and pragmatic redesign of stores, warehouses and distribution centres to convert your cost centers into USPs
  • Supplier and 3PL partnerships – Build your state-of-the art supply chain stack by reimagining outsourcing
  • Inventory visibility, accurate demand forecasting, efficient fulfilment and automatic replenishment – the holy grail of Retail
  • Business-technology alignment – make your business goals drive your technology decisions, and not the other way around

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3 Reasons to download this unmissable series:
  1. Top decision-makers at the most successful omnichannel brands in the world giving first-hand insight on their approach
  2. Key take-aways around top-of-mind issues such as inventory visibility, demand planning and 3PL strategies
  3. Succinct format to cut through information overload which you can listen to or read on-the-go

Enter your details to get all 7 podcasts plus the industry whitepaper>>

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